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We have always been Volkswagen enthusiasts. We love all things vintage Volkswagen, aircooled and German related.

We have been collecting VW parts and memorabilia for many years, and our enthusiasm and collection naturally evolved in to us selling a few parts here and there until such time as we had the opportunity to create, as we are known today, The German Junkies.

If you’re looking for New Old Stock, rare, genuine and hard to find parts for your vintage Volkswagen, you've come to the right place. 

Volkswagens have always been in our lives. Seb around the aged of three in 1976 -77 at home with his Dad's first Volkswagen in the background. Many more followed after that for both of them!


Ever since I can remember my Dad had owned Volkswagens, he loved cars, and Volkswagens especially, above is me pictured with our family car, many Golfs, Sciroccos and Passats followed over the years, as well as the MK 1 GP Beach Buggy, that he found in a barn and purchased as a ‘fun car’ in the mid 1980's, and which I am very proud to still own today.

In that Beach Buggy, with my Dad and family and friends, we would regularly attend VW shows from the mid 1980's onwards. We travelled in the buggy all over the UK, including the very first Bug Jams, Volksworld Shows, VW Actions, Beetle Bash's at Avon Park Raceway and so on. My Dad sadly died, but his GP Beach Buggy and the love of all things VW very much continued within us....

In loving memory of my Dad who was VW mad to !! 1947 – 1998.


I bought my first copy of VW Motoring when I was about 14 years old, and dreamt regularly about Beetles and Splitscreens. In my dream I wanted my first Splitscreen panel van to be lowered slightly with fat Golf PIRELLI P Slot wheels. Tastes and styles were very different in those days!


All of my oldest and best friends from school and college days, when a Type 2 Splitscreen could be bought for £250.00, have also always been crazy about VW's too, and all of this history and interest between us really harnessed my lifelong passion.


More recently, over the last 15 (or so . . . ) years, Penny and I, and many other friends, have ventured to as many European VW shows, meets and gatherings as we can including, Bad Camberg, Hessisch Oldendorf, European Bug-in, and regular visits to the VW factory, Wolfsburg. 


Since buying our right-hand drive 1955 Oval Window Beetle many years ago, our love of the really old VW's grew stronger and with lots of hard work and a life time of dedication later,  we've added to the fleet. Follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for regular photos of our collection and trips.

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We have been searching for and collecting early VW parts for many years and have built up good knowledge and connections from all over the world where we continue to source rare , hard to find parts for early Volkswagens.

Please note we do not feature all our stock on the website (there is too much of it for starters plus it’s often sold before we can a chance to upload it to the site). Please follow our Facebook or Instagram pages to keep up-to-date with the latest stock.


Please also note this is our hobby, we are enthusiasts and don’t proclaim to be experts in every model and year of VW production, so if you do notice links not working, incorrectly advertised parts etc. please do let us know.  It's always great to share knowledge and we are always interested to learn more. Thanks!


All the parts that we sell are either New Old Stock or professionally and fully restored and tested by us.


We only sell genuine Volkswagen parts whenever possible, and anything that is not made for VW and is reproduction will be very clearly stated as such.


We sell the best condition original parts we can find and these are, whenever possible, suitable for cars of a show car standard.


We are also interested in buying vintage and rare VW parts and VW vehicles you may want to part with so give us a call or send us an email.


We collect and are interesting in buying:


  • VW, Bosch, Hella, Hazet, Blaupunkt, Telefunken dealership items (signs, posters, workwear, old tin paint cans, brochures, advertising, marketing items etc).

  • Hazet & VW tools and Hazet garage trolleys.

  • Volkswagen, Bosch, Hella, Hassa spotlights.

  • Signage, cabinets, garage storage.

  • Old VW boxes.

  • Old VW parts particularly if they are New Old Stock or from the 1950’s, 1960’s.

  • Old stock/garage clearance.

  • Low mileage and/ or unrestored vehicles.


If you think you have something we may be interested in please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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