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The Volksworld Show is one of our favourite shows of all. There are many very good reasons for this, and it is the first major show of the year. For many, it is a great opportunity for catching up with a lot of Volkswagen friends that have been neglected over the winter months. The quality and quantity of new vehicles that are on display which people have obsessed and slaved over for many months or years. And a great party atmosphere on the Saturday night, which always leaves us thinking why did we have those last few rounds of drinks? by the time we open shop bright and early on the Sunday morning!


In particular this show always reminds us what a great bunch of like minded people the VW crowd can be.


We are in the fortunate position where we have the opportunity to look around the show on the Friday evening, so we miss the masses of people and have the chance to take a few photographs, although this is usually our only opportunity for the weekend, as we have to sell from the stall on the Saturday and Sunday of course, so we don't get to see much else unfortunately. Here are our photos of what we did get to see this year though.

IN THE Karmann Konnection Swapmeet

The Karmann Konnection swapmeet always has a great atmosphere. The interesting and great thing about a VW swapmet is that no one knows absolutely everything, so there is constant discussion or a part being passed about, and questions being asked such as what its for, have you seen one before, what its worth etc?

Luckily as Sandown Park is just up the road from us we had time to unload our stock from the T4 on the Friday night, look round, go home again, and travel back again early on the Saturday morning in the Bug in time to finish setting up.

As soon as we pulled out of the garage it started to snow hard again and we had an exciting drive to the show!


Visibility was pretty much zero only helped by the passenger windscreen wiper arm flying off down the M25!

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One of the coolest cars, was Bobby's DKW Auto Union and he had gone to extreme lengths to get to Sandown Park in time. Bobby's rare original paint bus is now wearing one of The German Junkies original NOS 80mm Auto Union DKW fuel caps (the only shiney thing on it). We couldn't think of a better or more appropriate place for it to end up! Awesome!


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