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Rare VW Parts & Collectibles

Dave Deal Polistil



Extremely rare Go-Bug in mint condition. Designed by American VW and racing cartoon legend Dave Deal, in the 60's - 70's who sadly passed away recently.

Dave Deal Polistil KAPUTT BUGGY G2


Also extremely rare Kaputt Buggy in mint as new condition. Check those High Bloatation Tyres! Both G1 and G2 boxes are also as new perfect!

GOSO West Germany Barndoor Tin Plate


GOSO, est. in 1878, was a Manufacturer of West German tin Plate toys. We love these clockwork windup Barndoors from the early 1950's.

GOSO West Germany Barndoor Tin - Kombi Van


Other Kombi's we have without the box!

GOSO panel van Goso Text clipped Go Bug Clipped icon

Hirshmann Red Tip Aerial


Not sure which vehicle this will end up on!

EMPI Dash Mounted Electric Tachometer


One of the early ones! Featured in my 1973 EMPI Parts Catalogue


Illuminated dial, 270 deg sweep. Fits 6v & 12v VW's.

Speedwell Rev Counter


With original boxed pod dash mount.


Calibrates to 10,000. Late 1960's - early 1970's

Oval Beetle Semi Batwing Horn Button


NOS and perfect  with the original box.

Hella Search Light


Very nice 1960's Hella Rally light, these are a lot more unusual than the Helphos ones, and we think the overall quality and design is a bit better too!

Original NOS Oval Wiper Parts


VW Part Number: 113 955 411 A


NOS wiper parts. We can't bring ourselves to open this and use it!

GOSO West Germany Barndoor Tin - Kombi Van


New Old Stock with windows and the box. You will see from the box they also made Split Beetles.

GOSO West Germany Barndoor Tin Panel Van

Cool Barndoor Panel van version.

NOS Bosch Stop Light


This may go on the Oval. Useful period accessory to ensure that modern traffic can see you are braking!

Light up Flag Pole


We liked this because it was NOS and boxed and a bit different from the usual repro flag poles you see about.



A few of our Michelin Men dating from the early 1960's through until 1981. Bibendum is extremely collectible!

Barndoor Parein Biscuits Tin


A bit rough round the edges but it is nearly 60 years and is still cool.

The Complete Volkswagen Book Number 2


Quite simply one of the coolest Volkswagen books ever. Published by Petersen Sunset Blvd Calif. in 1971.




MAI 1938. Hitler laid the foundation stone. These badges were given to the workers. This one is a reproduction. It says GES GESCH on the back.

Speed Buggy Comic NUMBER 1 May 1975.


Due to our GP Buggy we love a cartoon Buggy such as these cool Hanna Barbera 's things.


Speed Buggy by Johnny Lightning


Die-cast and authentic with original filmstrip cel 16



Original Deano Dinasour Deep Sump and Valve Covers


Produced by 1960's California Racing Legend and Drag Strip VW Pioneer Dean Lowry.

Highly sought after by Cal Look collectors today!



Split Bug Post Card


This is an original post card from a local town in Surrey. Wonder if that Split Bug is stored in someones garage somewhere? We would love to know of it's where abouts today!


UPDATE: Almost unbelievably  after many years of wondering, as of NOV 2016  I now know this car is still in existance, and I know roughly where it is...... Still local, and Because of the local history  I would love to own this 1947 one day !!!!

50's Bug Sales Brochures by Bernd Reuters (1901 - 1958)


For the oval convertible and sedan. Also a later 60's Accessory catalogue from our local VW Dealership.

BUG-IN 24 Program


Orange County Raceway, Irvine, California. In association with SCAT and HOT VW's Magazine.


These shows were the ultimate for Cal Look Cool and monster VW's!

Original GP Sales Brochures 1969 - 1990-ish


Cant own a Mk1 GP SWB Beach Buggy without the Extensive collection of price lists and accessories etc. Includes the GP Centron, LDV and Water Buggy?



With accompaning letter and business card, and sales order from Lutz Arnstein EMPI's European Export Consultant who was based in London W1 circa this time.

Hot Rod Pinstriping By CrazyPainter


Amazing bespoke pinstriping, by our highly regarded good friend and Ex house mate CrazyPainter.



Had this signed by Clyde for us when he came to stay at the Famous Paintbox, when our GP Buggy was there a few years ago. He was over for the Big Bang Show!

Simpson Super Bandits


We currently have 2 of our own, one from 1973 but no visor and the other is brand new from 2005.

Kangol Open Face Helmets 1975


Very much in the style of the period they come from!


The Super 70's!

Taiyo NON FALL BUMP'N GO Sand Buggy Meyers Manx Signed By Bruce Meyers


Japanese Tin Plate dating from the early 1970's. Mint working condition. Both the Perfect Box and Roof of the car are signed by the 'Legendary' Original Dune Buggy Meyers Manx Inventor 'BRUCE MEYERS'.  An EMPI INCH PINCHER version is also available but sadly we dont have this YET?

Original German Flag


This mid 1950's flag will go nicely on one of our accessory beetle flag poles.

AutoFume Bakelite Lighter For VW


Correct for early Beetles and Vans from the late 1940's - early 1950's.


NOS Original SWF Wiper Blades Sets


VW Part Number:  113 955 425 B


We have several sets of these original NOS SWF early wiper blades, from a VW dealers. You never know when you might need them!


Complete Rear Snow Flake Lights NOS


NOS and correct for later oval beetles, and early big window, from 1956 - 1961.


100,000 KM VW Badges


These original dash plaques are from the mid 1950's and early 1960's.

100 mm Cog Logo Sunburst Gas Cap


Very nice 100 mm version of this  desirable cap for early barndoors and split window beetles. In better than NOS condition, and one of our favourite smaller pieces.

Quick Release Steering Wheel Nut for Petri 3 Spoke,

Split Beetle and early Standards.


Extremely Unusual , probably made by HULS or Dehne to accompany the split beetle and early oval collapsible gear sticks. that are then often used in conjunction with HULS seat recliner and runner extensions, so you can make the inside of your beetle into a bed / sleeping area. Very cosy!

Carburetor - SOLEX 26FSI Kubelwagen KDF Cog Logo


Kubelwagen KDF carburetor. Appears to be complete and in very good condition.



Fuel Tap - Cog Logo Kubelwagen


New Old Stock Cog logo fuel tap. Filter is perfect.


germanjunkies boot lid 2 copy Van & Beetle oir image web 1


(Private Collection)

Signed By 'Legend' Bruce Meyers

ARNOLD Volkswagen Garage / Factory Driving Game (German Tin Plate)


This extremely unusual tin plate Volkswagen Garage / Factory dates from the middle of the 1950's until 1961. It is lithographed in amazing Oval Window Beetles, Low Light Karmann Ghias, and Barndoor Samba Buses, as well as fantastic 1950's VW Service Staff and Customers. The game is to drive the yellow Low light Karmann Ghia around the parked Oval Beetles and traffic cones. Two versions were available, clockwork and battery operated!

Volkswagen Lug Bug!


Made by AMT in Michigan USA!

This Super Cool and Rare 'Dave Deal' style Hot Rod Volkswagen Split Screen Van Model is in perfect, complete original 'unbuilt condition'.

Volkswagen Flag


Original Volkswagen Flag for wing mounted flag poles. New Old Stock and Probably dating from the mid 1950's.

VDO Fuel Guage    Dated: 8.1952


This Brown face, 6 volt fuel guage is a rare and correct accessory for VW Split Window Era Beetles.

LEMMERTZ Wheel for Volkswagen Barndoor Typ 2 Transporter / Bus




16 x 3.5 inch. Dated: 1.1955. I've never seen another one! I love it!

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BOSCH Scripted Front Bicycle Light


New Old Stock For NSU's and other Vintage German Bicycles.


Probaby 60 years old and I don't think this had ever been out of the box before these pictures! Scripted BOSCH lens,  mounting bracket and dynamo wiring and instructions.