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1950's NSU Ladies Bicycle

This Ladies bicycle is later than the Gents bike, we think early to mid-50's. The condition is not so good but we don't mind a bit of patina and originality! This bike really does show that NSU was a quality manufacturer. Note the Scripted Bosch logo dynamo and headlamp and also pinstriping and gold lettering work.


This example has also recently been fitted with NOS MICHELIN 26 x 1.75 period correct bicyle tyres, which surprisingly were extremely difficult to find! We need more if we can get them?

1949 NSU Gents Bicycle

1949 Gentlemens NSU Bicycle - NSU were known for thier top quality & high build standards. This is exactly what drew us to NSU's, not only their historic links with Volkswagen but their top German build quality too. We love the hand pinstriping to these bikes and of course the scripted Bosch lighting systems. They don't make them like this any more! VORSPRUNG DURCH TECHNIK!


Although quite unusual in the UK these NSU bicycles were produced in the masses in Germany. Early post war examples are harder to find but by 1949 production was really beginning to take off.


Considering its age, this example is in very good original condition.

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NSU Bicycles

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