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Hessisch Oldendorf & European Bug-in 3 - 2009

Hessisch Oldendorf 2009


A show held every 4 years for pre-1967 cars only. This is definitely one of our favourite shows. The show is held in a traditional small German town called Hessisch Oldendorf and the whole town gets really actively involved. There are rare VW parts displayed in the windows of the town's shops as well as a 46 beetle in the town's Bank! And the VW38 was considered holy enough to be in the town church! It has a village fete atmosphere celebrating all things Volkswagen. They shut the town down completely to allow all the vehicles from far and wide to park up in the cobbled streets. It's not often (or ever) you see a street of Hebmullers and a row of 5 Schwimmwagens. If you are lucky enough to have something early to go in, and manage to register as one of the 500 participants (spaces sold out in 2 days!) there is a a cruise around the countryside which includes a brief stop over by a mountain lake for the Schwimmwagens to splash around in.

Both shows done in a two week trip. Can't wait to do it again in 2013.

European Bug-In 3


Bigger, better and more organised than EBI 1 & 2, this was a great show, with a great atmosphere. Held in Chimay in Belgium famous for their Chimay beer which, from memory, comes in 3 volumes: 7%, 8% and 10%!! No wonder everyone seems to have a good time at this show drinking that stuff!