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The German Junkies own time warp

1949 TYP 1 Split Window Beetle!

The car had been purchased directly from VW of America Head Quarters in 2008 where it had been in it's collection of cars for many years. They wanted to keep one of their 49's and sell the other.  The original matching numbers engine hadn't run in all that time,The mileage is in kilometers - just over 50,000 kms. It was also still wearing it's orignal tyres!

According to the VW Museum it was built on September the 20th 1949 and left the factory the next day headed for Stuttgart. It must have arrived in America some time later during the 1950's!

1949 deluxe text image brown 49 split side on bonnet up

Before arriving back in Europe (UK) in September 2009, 60 years almost to the day after it was built, and even though, it had only done 50,000 kms, it had been given a very comprehensive engine rebuild, and all of the brakes etc were also over hauled at the same time. Since arriving in the Uk the car was stored in a very nice garage and only used occasionally for local journeys.

It also has this super cool Bakelite Hirshmann Red tip Aeriel! the original Hagenuk (N&K) Hanseatische App Bau-Ges., Neufeldt & Kuhnke Radio for Split Window Beetle. Which is also in working condition apparently, but will require further research!


More on this coming soon...

This 1949 is one of the first Export models and features very nearly all of it's correct and original parts, including  correct Ribbed Semaphores, Dimple VW Gear Knob, Complete Big Sekurit Logo Glass, rubber mats etc etc.


Everything Works!

Pictured here with our very early Genuine VW Ivory and patina colour wood slatted roof rack!

Other Interesting features to note from 1949 are the Black Handbrake, as they changed to Ivory colour on Deluxe models very soon after this.


Also from 1949, a rounded pull knob was located to the right corner of the base of the gear shift lever, and this was used to activate the manual choke. On Standards this knob was black, but ivory colour on the Deluxe. The Letter 'L' in the centre of the knob stands for Luftklapper which translates as air flapper.


The choke lever was relocated to the right of the radio in the dash in October 1952

Also for 1949 the heater control knob was located to the back left of the parking brake handle. It was black on Standards and again ivory on Deluxe and had the letter 'H' stamped in the middle of it which stands for heizklappenzug which translates as heating control. Pulling up on the knob channels the heating into the interior.


The heating control knob was relocated and changed in approximately April 1950.


The centrally located Bakelite Starter button was also changed in October 1952.

100 mm Gas Cap and flatter 10 Gallon Gas Tank.


From June 1949 the front of car fuse box was relocated from beneath the dash to under the left drivers side bonnet on top of the inner front wing.


It was relocated again in October 1952.

The Deluxe  Ivory Version of the Standard Steering Wheel was also used on the new Export model for the first time in June 1949 but was only used for a few months before being phased out and replaced by the Full Batwing before the start of 1950

Also some super cool stickers dating from 1961


Property of VW of America below the sun visor

Original  25hp Engine and

L70 Medium Brown Engine Bay.

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